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3 Sites That Will Help You Combine the Colors in Your Newsletters

Quite often small and medium-sized companies do not have enough resources to hire a dedicated graphic designer to create graphics for the e-mail campaigns. This is why the marketing department ends up with small pieces of a puzzle that must be assembled in order to form a nice harmonic set. Choosing the right color palettes can be challenging but also extremely fun. That's why MailStronger has chosen for you three tools that will help you to combine easily the different shades.

1. Coolors

A wordplaybetween cool and color, this site allows you to create and save color harmonies that you like. You also have access to thousands of pallets already created that will inspire you.

2. Design Seeds

It is a particularly useful site for the creation of newsletters. It allows you to upload an image and offers you the right colors that go with it. You can also explore the great collections. The search tool here is extremely convenient because you can search by theme, but also by colors.

3. Colourlovers

This site allows you not only to create pallets of different colors but also to invent patterns and share them with the community. If your company is a little more extravagant and if you like to stand out this is probably the right tool for you!


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