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How to Choose the Font Styles for Your E-mail Campaigns?

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When preparing a marketing campaign we have to think about every little detail. Because competition today is really big. Selling the best product on the market will not be enough to make you stand out: the ability to present it well will be one of the most important keys to your success. The content of your message is therefore just as important as its form! This is why, in this article, we will focus exclusively on the different font styles and their role in email marketing.

Respect your brand identity

The typography that you have chosen for your logo and website is part of your visual identity. It helps your customers to recognize you more easily. This does not mean that you should use the same font throughout your communication but you should try to stay consistent. If you're having trouble finding fonts that combine beautifully, we recommend you using Font pair or another online tool that will help you out.

How to use different font sizes

The use of different font sizes allows readers to orient themselves better in your text and to find the most important information right away. We recommend you to use the same size for all your titles and to do the same for subtitles and body text, respectively. This will make your e-mail easier to read without disturbing readers by having too many different sizes. If one of the topics in your message is more important than the others, do not increase the size of its title in order to make it more noticeable. Just place it at the beginning of your newsletter: this way you make sure that people will see it first.

Highlight certain sentences

To emphasize the most important elements of your text you can modify the chosen font and highlight it in bold or italic or underline it. There are some rules you should have in mind when choosing the right type of accentuation.

Italic for example is very often used to include a quote in your text or to differentiate proper names and titles. Take the opportunity to indicate the name of your company and the different brands and products you offer. However, we advise you to use italics carefully: it may affect the readability of your text, especially if you apply it to an entire paragraph.

The bold text allows you to highlight in a very strong way certain words and phrases in your text. We advise you to use this option for titles or for some key elements of your e-mail: for example to indicate a promotion (-60%, free delivery), a deadline (the offer expires in 24 hours) or condition (for any purchase over € 100), etc.

The underlined text very often indicates the presence of a link. This is why we don’t advise you using it in any other way. If you underline a title for example, make sure to add an active link that will send the user directly to the page of your site where he can receive more information about the topic.

Use color cautiously

If your visual identity is very colorful do not hesitate to use different colors in your e-mail. Nevertheless, the readability of the message must remain your highest priority. Usually, using darker text on a lighter background makes reading easier and more enjoyable.


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