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5 Tips for Optimizing Your Subject Lines

Every day we receive between 50 and 100 e-mails. Some of them are directly classified as SPAM, others appear in our mailbox but we ignore them. There are only a few e-mails that attract our attention and that we open. But what are the criteria that help your newsletter to be opened instead of going directly to the trash folder? In this article we will try to answer this question by giving you 5 good tips to keep in mind when sending your next campaign.

1. Be short but concise

Most of your customers are probably busy people and they do not have time to read everything in their mailbox. They will therefore take a look and search for key words that interest them. This is why you should try to adopt a very refined and concrete style of writing. Avoid as much as possible the long sentences and the use of many adjectives. In addition, long subjects are less readable on smartphones, more and more used by users to consult their mail boxes.

2. Avoid the SPAM keywords

As we've already mentioned it in a previous article, there are words that can send your emails directly into your clients' SPAM folder. Such is the case of promotion, free, discount, save, cash, etc. You should also avoid some signs like $, €, ??, !!!, %%%. Words in uppercase are also considered as junk e-mail indicators. Les mots en lettres majuscules sont aussi considérés comme indicateurs d’e-mail indésirable.

3. Customize the subject of your e-mails

If your customers aren’t reading their inbox very carefully, you’d better grab their attention by speaking directly to them. Using your customer's name in the subject of the e-mail can significantly increase your opening rates. Do not forget that you can also use the information you have gathered on your customers : what was their last purchase on your site, what type of content do they tend to open the most etc.

4. Pay attention to spelling and punctuation

Obviously if you do a lot of spelling errors your customers will not take you seriously. Always read your subject lines before sending the e-mail just as you read the text in the body of your newsletter. It is important to pay particular attention to the correct punctuation: the commas and the missing question marks can completely change the meaning of your sentence.

5. Test your campaign subjects

Before sending your e-mail to all your contacts, test different subject lines on a smaller group of people. Analyze the results and act on them. Even if you do not have time to do this each time you send out your newsletters, try to do a test at least during the first 5-6 emails you will send. Draw some more general conclusions that may be useful for your future campaigns.


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