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Your Newsletter Checklist

We recently published an article that lists the most important elements in your newsletter. Nevertheless, for those starting out, a simple checklist will be handy. It will help you not to forget anything important in your e-mail.

1. The e-mail subject

This is typically a very important field we tend to forget. This little detail could be crucial for your open rates.

2. Links

Before sending your email check all the links in your e-mail one by one. That way you will reassure that everything works well and that you have not forgotten to add links on the social network buttons for example.

3. Text correction

Read carefully all your texts: spelling or grammar errors can cost you your customer’s trust. So take the time to reread and edit your e-mails or, if you can, delegate this task to another member of the team: it is difficult to find our own mistakes, especially when we already know the text by heart.

4. Legal information

Do not forget to always include an unsubscribe link in your newsletters, it is mandatory! Also pay attention to the copyrights of the images you use. If you are launching some promotions, be careful that the percentage of discount you are advertising is the one the customer will really get when he buys the product.

5. Signature

Do not forget to personalize communication with your customers. Signing your newsletters will help you to make the image of your business more human.

6. Contact Information

Make sure you put your contact information in the email. Think of your phone number, mailing address, but also website and social networks links.

7. Send a test e-mail

Before sending it to your entire database, test your campaign by sending it to your own mailbox. Check if all photos are displayed correctly and if the links work properly.


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