With our templates you can create your e-mail campaign from A to Z even if you don’t know any programming languages. You can choose the level of personalization of your emails according to your needs and your knowledge. MailStronger offers several different templates to help you create your own newsletters and emails.

Those of you who have a better knowledge in HTML have the possibility to modify the structure of the messages, in order to obtain the desired results. We know the point-and-click editors well and we know how repetitive they can be. That's why we've created a template system that gives you the ability to customize them and add dynamic content to every message you send. Because we believe that the easy to use interface shouldn’t limit the freedom of the user.

You can also import templates from other platforms. Built for developers, MailStronger uses a coding style that is easy to understand and widely used. We also offer conversion tools that will integrate your existing templates into the MailStronger emails.

More than 200 models available